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 Glamour Magazine  (France, March 2013 Issue)    

Glamour Magazine (France, March 2013 Issue)  

New York Times

Something Powerful’ for Women in Berlin’s Technology Universe

In German Tech Industry, Women Fight Conservative Views

Mujer, emprendedora y tecnológica: triple obstáculo

Forbes (DACH)



The Technology Divide: How can we make tech jobs more inviting for women? 


For Women in Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In-tern Program, a Chance to Overcome the 19% 


500 Startups brings growth hacking program to Berlin 

500 Startups Brings Its 'Distro Dojo' Program to LA for Post-Seed Startups Looking for Big Growth


500 Startups diversity head expands Geekettes to support female entrepreneurs in Gaza

Der Tagesspiegel

Frau sein und Grunderin

Don't panic – Berlin ist nicht Deutschland

DPA Report - Published in Sueddeutsche, Welt, GMX, Focus, Stern, Allegemeine, Handelsblatt...

Noch immer eine Männer-Welt


Telekom unterstützt „Geekettes“ – Berlins Gründerszene soll weiblicher werden


BBC World Have Your Say: Live from Berlin  

Berlin’s Female Hackathon

Is Berlin the new home for tech start-up business?

BBC Click - Gamers solve a conundrum that has previously baffled scientists

NPR Berlin

Berlin's ‘Geekettes’ Expand Into U.S., Announce Partnership With Sony

Bloomberg Business Week

How Three Germans Are Cloning the Web

Berliner Zeitung

Frauen erobern Berlins Start-up-Szene


Like it or not, Europe's quota system puts women on boards

Deutsche Telekom AG's DreiSechsNull

Frauen und Technik

Berliner Morgenpost

Jung, weiblich und Nerd

Wie sich Berlins Start-ups miteinander vernetzen

Coca Cola

Coke Hackathon

The Next Web

The Berlin Geekettes partner with Deutsche Telekom to support women in tech in Germany

Willkommen! Why Entrepreneurs Should Think Seriously About Berlin


Meet the Geekettes: Das sind die Frauen, die die Tech-Welt erobern

NEXT 100: Das sind die wichtigsten 100 Köpfe der europäischen Digital-Industrie

Glamour Magazine

Glamour Magazine (France, March 2013 Issue) 

Monocle Midori House Radio

February 21st, 2013. @Pauly Saal, Berlin Germany

August 11th, 2013. The Globalist, episode 412

The European

Frauen in der Berlin Technologie Branche

Women in the Tech Industry

The Guardian

How Poor But Sexy Berlin has Tapped Talent to be Europe’s Startup Capital

Three women changing the face, and style, of app development (authored by Jess Erickson)

Four groups bringing together women in tech (authored by Jess Erickson) 


500 Startups mångfaldschef: "Tech behöver kvinnliga förebilder"

Build your brand: 10 useful tips to improve your startup brand

Pitching, partners and progress: What female VCs really think about the tech industry


How Berlin’s Women Are Changing The Face Of Tech

Manager Magazine  

Lady - Kracher  


Elektrischer Reporter


April 2012 Print Copy


Wir brauchen mehr Frauen in der Szene

Spiegel International  

Tech Innovation Manifesto: Berlin Start-Up Fights Back Against the Copycats

Deutschlandradio Kultur

Berlin, Berlin, Berlin


An American in Berlin

Tip Magazine

Die neue Gründerszene in Berlin - Teil 2  

Lean In

My Circle Inspired Me to Open a Conversation Beyond Just Tech

Venture Village

Berlin Women Entrepreneurs Sweep Geekettes Demo Day

Berlin Geekettes partners with Deutsche Telekom to push for gender balance in tech

Facebook Engineers Talk Privacy, Friendship Timeline and the Hacks We Never Saw

Social Media Week - Moving the Debate Beyond Just “Women in Tech"

"There is No Male and Female Business - Just Business": Berlin Geekettes@Google

Video-Berlin Geekettes-Women in Tech

Silicon Allee

Women in Tech at Campus Party: Berlin Geekettes

The Berlin Geekettes Empowering Women in Tech

Berlin Geekettes at Google: Ladies Inspiring Ladies

Deutsche Welle

From Offline to Tech Savvy in Berlin

Women 2.0

Berlin Geekettes: Building A Collective Strength In Germany (authored by Jess Erickson) 


Frauen an die (Technik-)Macht

BZ Berlin

Wo sind bloß Berlins Firmen-Gründerinnen?

Berliner Kurier

Programmieren Frauen die schöneren Apps?

Best Wishes

A story collection of creatives inspired by Berlin

La Nación

Berlín, la nueva meca de los gurúes de la tecnología

6Wunderkinder: How their todo app, Wunderlist, got to 1,000,000 downloads


Berlin Geekettes: La tecnología también es cosa de mujeres


i moved

Jay Chesters Blog

The Successful and the Passionate: An Interview with Jess Erickson

WIRED (Germany) 

Die US-Wahl ist ein Reality-Check für das Silicon Valley

WIRED (Japan)


Startup Blogs

CMX: Your Community Strategy is Incomplete Without a Clear Content Strategy (SF) 

CloudPeeps: Tea talk: Jess Erickson, 500 Startups director of marketing, Geekettes founder (SF)

Galvanize: Level Up Episode 005 with Jess Erickson, Director of Marketing at 500 Startups (SF) 

Jobspotting: Jess Erickson of 500 Startups: “To See It is to Believe It and Then to Become It” (Berlin) 

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