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External Only Facebook & Lean In Events

Be Bold, Be Inclusive Panel for Emerging Scholars 2018 (Facebook, Menlo Park)

London Geekettes Lean In - 2018 (Facebook, London)

Women in Research Lean In (WiRL) for PhDs - 2018 (Facebook, Menlo Park)

Lean In CS&E Session at Georgia Tech - 2017 (Atlanta)  

Hack, Grow, Create > Lean In CS&E Summit - 2017 (Atlanta)

Decoding Tech: Lean In CS&E Session at University of Minnesota - 2017 (Twin Cities)

Lean in CS&E Meetup at GHC - 2017 (Orlando)

Lean IN-terns Closing Event - 2017 (Facebook, Menlo Park)

Lean IN-terns Kickoff Event - 2017 (LinkedIn HQ, Sunnyvale)

Lean In CS&E Meetup at F8 - 2017 (San Jose)

Lean In Circles Presentation - 2017 (San Jose State University)

Lean In CS&E Presentation - 2017 (UCSD)

Lean In Berlin Geekettes Event - 2016 (Berlin, Rocket Internet)

Lean In Livestreams 2017


Berlin Diversity & Entrepreneurship Summit - 2016 (Berlin, Factory)

NYC Diversity & Entrepreneurship Summit - 2015 (NYC, Digital Ocean)

Girls Leadership Academy Meetup (GLAM) - 2018 (Sunnyvale, Microsoft)

Connecting Unicorns LGBT Conference - 2016 (Berlin)

Tech Bay Area Advocates with Andy Whittaker, British Counsel General of San Francisco - 2016 (Oakland)

500 Startups PR Training for Batches 10, 11, 12 2015 (SF & Mountain View)

Speaker for Heureka Conference 2015 (Berlin) 

Speaker for Google's Campus Seoul "Connect: Diversity Together" 2015 (Seoul) 

Speaker for Valley in Berlin 2015 (Berlin) (Video

Speaker for StartupCon 2015 (Seoul) 

Speaker for Women 2.0 City Meetup 2015 (Mountain View) 

Panelist for UCLA's Rethinking Strategies to Advance Women in Technology 2015 (Los Angeles) 

Judge for Social Good Tech Week 2015 (San Francisco) 

Speaker for NEXT B2B FORUM 2014 - World Economic Forum (Frankfurt, Germany) 

Judge for 'Start-up Pitch 1' NEXT Conference (Berlin, Germany) 

Panelist for FridayatSix: the Berlin startup tech talkshow (Berlin, Germany)

Panelist for "Heavyweight round “Big vs. Small = Slow vs. Fast?”  Lange Nacht (Berlin, Germany)

Voted Panelist for "Berlin, a Founder's Paradise?" SXSW (Austin, Texas) 

Moderator for "How to go Global and Deal with Copycats" SXSW (Austin, Texas)

Moderator for "Perspectives in Careers in Technology from Women Technology Entrepreneurs" Google (Berlin, Germany)

Speaker for "The Spark" TEDxYouthBerlin (Berlin, Germany) 

Speaker for "PR Like a Boss" TEDxAthensSalon (Athens, Greece) 

Speaker for "NEXT100 Ignite talk" NEXT Conference (Berlin, Germany)

Curated/Panelist for "Women in Tech Panel" Campus Party Europe (Berlin, Germany)

Speaker for "Startup Public Relations" Telefonica Campus Party Europe (Berlin, Germany) 

Moderator for "Web meets Games – Entrepreneurship, technology, Connectedness" Deutsche Gamestage (Berlin, Germany) 

Speaker for "10 Reasons Why We Need More Women in Technology" Lang Nacht der Startups (Berlin, Germany)

Moderator for "A Conversation with Lars Hinrichs", Moderator for "Localize.Socialize.Mobilize" Panelist for "Entrepreneurial Cities Panel" Pioneers (Vienna, Austria) 

Finalist for "Vodafone Clicks Competition" Picnic (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 

Moderator for "SEO/SEM Panel" Tech Open Air (Berlin, Germany)   

Speaker for "Startup Public Relations" Switch Conference (Lisbon, Portugal) 

Panelist for "Startup PR 101" Pirate Summit (Cologne, Germany) 

Judge for Startup Pitches - Dublin Web Summit 2013

Speaker for "10 Reasons Why We Need More Women in Technology" Twilio Conference (London)

Speaker for 'Why We Need More Women in Tech' Sticks & Stones (Berlin, Germany)

Speaker for COSMOTE Startup Investors Day (Athens, Greece) 

Speaker for Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (Munich, Germany) 

Berlin Geekettes Workshops/Events

Curator and Moderator for "Women Who Are Creating Positive Change Through Technology" Panel Apple Store Berlin

Curator and Moderator for Berlin Geekettes: University Edition

Co-Curator and Speaker for 360 Degrees of Communication - Social Media Week 

Curator and Speaker for Berlin Geekettes Workshop At Next Berlin + Raffle

Curator and Moderator for Facebook Engineering Panel  

Curator and Host for Berlin Geekettes Summer Meetup @Google   

Curator, Co-organizer and Co-host for 1st Berlin Geekettes Hackathon  

Curator, Co-organizer and co-host for 2nd Berlin Geekettes Hackathon 


Curator and Instructor for two 'Berlin Geekettes, Ready To Lean In? ' Workshop 

Meetups around Berlin/Greater Germany 

Moderator for "Lead a More Productive Work/Life with Evernote" Apple Store Berlin

Curator and Speaker Women In Tech Panel @Social Media Week Berlin (2012) 

Speaker for “Working international – Successful PR and Launches from Berlin” Geek Girl Dinner Berlin 

Moderator for TU Inspiration Day 

Speaker for 'The importance of building strong communities in the context of informal learning processes' Potsdam University 

Co-curator and Speaker for '360 Degrees of Communication' Social Media Week Berlin

Speaker for '10 Tips That Will Help You Land a Dream Job' Uncubed 

Judge for 'Evernote + Deutsche Telekom' Hackathon

Judge for 'BeMyApp Music' Hackathon  

Speaker for 'Introduction' Girl Geek Meetup 

Speaker for 'Is setting up a technology business rocket science? Why your next start-up could be a tech one and what it takes to launch it successfully' The Berlin Women in Business Annual Entrepreneurship

 Mentorship Sessions Across Europe

Mentor for Startup Bootcamp (Berlin, Germany)

Mentor for Hub:raum Accelerator (Berlin, Germany)

Mentor for Microsoft Ventures Accelerator (Berlin, Germany) 

Mentor for Startup Live Vienna #6 (Vienna, Austria)

Mentor for Pioneers Unplugged Copenhagen #1 (Copenhagen, Denmark)  

Mentor for Startup Live Athens (Athens, Greece) 

Mentor for H-Farm Incubator  (Tenuta Ca' Tron, Italy)

For videos of past speaking gigs, please visit my youtube channel